Full Name: Svetlana “The Demon” Vasílieva

Age: 27

DOB: ?/1/1985

Nationality: Russian

Education: Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics

Expertise: Engineering

Bio: Svetlana spent her childhood between the four walls of the orphanage where her mother abandoned her. Her dark appearance and her unusual intelligence earned her the nickname ‘The Demon’. Repudiated and feared, she spent the first years of her life between the beatings of the carers and the terrified looks of the other children.

Her privileged mind, which had been the cause of so much misfortune, was her escape ticket when she get a scholarship to study in Harvard.

When Svetlana sent her application for the Project Titan she was not looking for knowledge, adventures or even a new challenge. Sventlana wants just one thing. She wants everyone who once look down on her to admire her. She wants glory.


Skin | Hair | No-Eyebrows | Eyeshadow | Lips | Piercings | Eyes

I will inbox you her download link.

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